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Ceiling Fan With ABS 26 Inches Blades

1.Product Benefits❶Cools Down You Down Naturally Although the cei
Model Number VM226820
Size 26inch(D=660mm)
Body Color  Dark Red
Blade Material ABS
Lamp Shade  Glass
Light Source  LED 15W
Motor  AC60W 230V/50Hz
Accessory Remote Control

1.Product Benefits

❶Cools Down You Down Naturally

 Although the ceiling fan doesn’t change the room temperature, the air movement makes you feel cooler. It prevents the stuffiness to set in so you can raise the thermostat and still feel comfortable. The breeze created by the fans help in speeding up the natural evaporation of perspiration on the skin. This makes our natural cooling mechanism even more efficient.

❷Air Conditioner Backup

Ceiling fans can also complement the air conditioning unit. Both go well together. Having both of these appliances can let a household switch depending on the weather or situation. Having a ceiling fan is also a backup in case the air conditioner breaks down. These two are most often included in most of the modern homes today. Read these great tips on how to cool your home the best with an air conditioning unit.


❸Warms You Up During Winter

It is not only used during summer months, as the ceiling fan is also as effective during winter. Let the fan blades move clockwise to push warm air to the floor. This can lower the energy consumption up to 15 percent and reduces the cost of heating fuel.

2.Product Description
Code number: VM226820

1. Size:26inch(D=660mm)(br)                              

2. Body Color:  Dark Red (br)                               

3. Blade Material:ABS(br)     

4. Lamp Shade: Glass(br)     

5. Light Source: LED 15W (br)                                 

6. Motor: AC60W  230V/50Hz(br)     

7. Accessory:Remote Control(br)     


Q1.What is the warranty for the Led lighting ?

-- We have two years warranty.If you have any quality problem on our side occurred in this period,we will take on replacement for free.

Q2.Can you provide after-sale services?

--Yes.we can.if you have any problem,please have no hesitation to contact us.

Q3: Where are these brands originated from?

Our collections are from America and Australia and the brands have established in the ceiling fan industry for many years. The products are known by design and quality. Some models are designed by well-known designers, therefore the fans are not only practical but also good looking for modern days living. 

Q4: Is ceiling fan a green product?

Definitely! A good ceiling fan only uses approximately the same power of a regular light bulb. It can keep you cool without sacrificing comfort on hot days and it also can help to keep you warm and save lots on energy cost on cold days. Please check out the “Comfort Living” page on the website for more details. 

Q5: How do I choose a right ceiling fan?

Please check out our “How to Choose” page on this website and it provides detail information to help you choose a right fan base on your criteria and needs.

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