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Remote Control Ceiling Fan With Light

1.Product FeaturesWarms You Up During Winter It is not only&
Model Number VM959832
Size 52inch(D=1320mm)
Body Color  Black
Blade Material  ABS
Lamp Shade Without
Light Source  Without
Motor  AC60W 230V/50Hz
Accessory Remote Control

1.Product Features

Warms You Up During Winter


It is not only used during summer months, as the ceiling fan is also as effective during winter. Let the fan blades move clockwise to push warm air to the floor. This can lower the energy consumption up to 15 percent and reduces the cost of heating fuel.


Aesthetic Purposes


The ceiling fans today are already made to be decorative in nature. These are accessories that can add style to the home. There are already various designs, sizes, and styles available that will complement your interior. It can also be a focal point in a room.



Body Color: Black
Blade Material: ABS
Lamp Shade:Without
Light Source: Without
Motor: AC60W 230V/50Hz
Accessory:Remote Control


Q. How would I get a price list for a wholesaler ?

A: Please e-mail us, and tell us about your market with MOQ for each order. We would send the competitive price list to you ASAP.


Q. How would I get a quotation for a project or new development?

A: Please send us the drawing with qtys and requirement, then we would check Price for your within two days.


Q. Did you have electrical certificate to meet our market requirement?

A: Yes.

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